ALDAK GmbH VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY - draining, conveying, loosing up, mixing, sieving, separating, compacting...

Established in 1973 as ALDAK OHG, changed to ALDAK Friedrich Alsbach e.K. it became in 2007 the current company ALDAK GmbH Vibration Technology. We have been successfully working in the area of vibration technology for more than 40 years now. Our core competency is the consulting for applications and the sale of vibration technique solutions. Our product range offers you top quality products regarding technical standard, quality of materials and manufacturing processes as well as a long lifespan even under toughest operating conditions. Have a look around our product portfolio and let us convince you of our capabilities for your successful utilization of vibration technology.

VV vibration motors have been produced for the world market for over 70 years. The use of these vibration motors with nodular cast iron housing is, inter alia, the drive of medium and heavy vibrating conveyors, screening and vibration machines as well as gratings.
In addition, the VV and AV vibration motors with lightweight cast aluminum housings are used especially for driving small vibrating devices and to support the emptying processes of funnels, silos etc..

In 1999, we expanded our product range by including the sales of pneumatic vibrators. These vibrators have been manufactured for more than 45 years in Switzerland using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. The top quality, the low air consumption as well as the long lifespan are the essential features for their worldwide success and the excellent customer satisfaction.