AV Electric vibrators


Small motors with lightweight aluminum housings

Centrifugal force: 40 - 16,500 N
Frequency: 1,000 - 3,600 min-1 (6- / 4- / 2-pole)

Dimensional sketches and technical data as pdf - file

All AV vibration motors, electric vibrator, are equipped with a robust aluminum housing and can be used in continuous operation at 100% centrifugal force setting. The generously dimensioned bearings with increased internal clearance are permanently lubricated and maintenance-free. The working torque or the centrifugal force can be adjusted in steps by means of plug-in unbalances.



Voltages: 50Hz, 230/400V, 3~ (60Hz and other voltages 3~ available) X

other voltages:

50Hz, 230V, 1~ (with operating capacitor) possible on request for various types X
12/24V, direct current only AV ...-12V/- 24V
Insulation class: F (AV 0,1-2: E) X
Protection class: IP 65 (except DC motors as well as type CQ, DQ and TQ: IP 66) X
Maintenance-free: permanently lubricated X
Painting: blue (except AV 0.1-2 and types BQ, CQ, DQ, GQ and TQ: unpainted aluminum) X
Duty cycle: Continuous operation at 100% setting of centrifugal weights.
(Except for type AV 8,4-2 and AV 10,7-2. These are specially designed as discharge aids for silos - with interval switching).

Special designs available:

  • Special voltage
  • Special frequency (with constant centrifugal force)
  • Tropical insulation
  • Connection cable attached
  • Special colour

We reserve the right to make technical changes in cases of further development of the devices.
Observation of all valid installation instructions as well as operating instructions is mandatory.

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