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Vibrators & Vibration Technology

Pneumatic Vibrators + Knockers

Rotary Vibrators (high frequency):
Types GT, R, K, T, DAR, ...

Linear Vibrators (air cushioned):
Types FP(LF), FAL, VTL, ...

Knockers (impacting):
Types FKL, FPK, VFP ...

ATEX versions available

Pneumatic Vibrators and Knockers

Electric Vibrators VV and AV

Casing in spheroidal cast iron
and aluminium
( VV - Electric vibrators )

Casing in aluminium
( AV - Electric vibrators )

ATEX versions available

Electric Vibrators

Electromagnetic Dosing Drives

Dosing Drives and Small Conveying Units

ATEX versions available

PDF Download Drives 


Controls for magnetic drives

and ...

Frequency Converters,
Electronic DC Brakes,
Vibrating Tables

For more than 4 decades ALDAK is your partner in the field of vibration technology.

We supply appropriate equipment for emptying, conveying, screening, dissolving, mixing, separating and compacting (applications). Our delivery program offers you a wide selection of pneumatic vibrators and knockers, furthermore electric vibration motors and electromagnetic / pneumatic linear conveyors, as well as dosing drives and vibrating tables.

Our products are characterized by the high product, material and production quality as well as their exceptional long service life span even under extreme operating conditions.