All Findeva pneumatic vibrators have been manufactured for more than 45 years in Switzerland using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. The production scope is approximately 40,000 vibrators per year for the world market. For the continuous further development and improvement of these vibrators exists a permanent cooperation with the Institute of Energy at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil (Switzerland). Thus ensures also in the future the delivery of high-end products according to the latest technical standards.

New high frequency knockers and vibrators

The new FPK- series from Findeva are piston vibrators & high frequency knockers all in one devices.

They combine the advantages of high-frequency vibrators for the fluidization of powders, etc. with
the characteristics of knockers - a solution for particularly problematic material and adhering substances.
The vibratores can be operated oil-free and are chemical resistant to ensure the utilization for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the food production industry.

EX-protection versions Ex II 2 G / D c T6 T85° C are available on option.

Link for further technical details FPK series

New small pneumatic knocker (intermittent):

The knockers’ series FKL-100in to FKL-200in have been extended with the launch of the FKL-50in and FKL-25in which provides appropriate impact energy, especially for operating at small containers or using on units with thin wall thickness. This new types are also supplied in lubrication-free version and can therefore be operated with dry compressed air. ATEX versions are also available.

Link for further technical details FKL-in series

Pneumatic vibrators and knockers with ATEX-certification:

Most of the pneumatic vibrators and knockers in our product range are also available in ATEX version. Approved for Zones 1 and 2 Gas (G) and 21 and 22 Dust (D). According to equipment category 3 and 2.

New pneumatic interval knockers / impactors (multi impact):

With our impactor FKL-100mi we now provide a knocker with an internal integrated self-control. The impact of the pneumatic interval knocker can be adjusted without additional pneumatic or electric control.

The pneumatic knocker can be operated with dry compressed air and thus without lubrication.

Link for further technical details FKL-mi series

New FPLF-piston vibrators:

The lubrication free FPLF- vibrator series have been extended with the types FPLF-50-M, FPLF-60-M and FPLF-95-M.

Furthermore, the sizes FPLF-12, -15, -25 and -35 are now also available as -S (short-stroke, high frequency) and -L (long stroke ,low frequency) and the FPLF-12-XS as a very small version.

Link for further technical details FPLF- series

New piston vibrator with free-standing piston (aluminum housing)

Based on the existing piston vibrators (types FP- and FPLF-) there are now versions available with free-standing pistons (stepping out of the housing). These vibrators (types FAL-) can be installed even between masses. This allows achieving large amplitudes at the feeder, the sieve etc.

Since the beginning of 2001 the FAL-series are exclusively supplied as lubrication free versions.

Link for further technical details FAL- series

New piston vibrators with free-standing piston (steel housing):

The above described FAL vibrators are also available with a steel housing and are listed with the type designation VTL.

Link for further technical details VTL- series

New stainless-steel –Turbine vibrators:

Based on the high-end vibrators "Golden Turbine" these GT series are now also available in stainless steel.

Therefore these types are ideally suited for utilization in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the food production area.

Link for further technical details GT-RF- series